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i think i need to tell you how it started. my husband and this woman meet at work over a year ago now and became good friends, and started texting to each other behind my back ( not going to say wot they txt ) but i found out and they planned to meet up but he told me some thing else, so i let him go and meet her but txt him when he got there and told him i knew what he was doing, he came runnning back saying he was sorry and nothing had happen. ( only because i did give them time, i think) he said he would stop and he even left that job a few weeks later. then i found out in april that he had still been talking to her but the txts and messages were wot i would say as friends only, so i sat him down and asked him wot he felt about her and did she feel the same as him, so he told me at he had feeling for her but he still loves me and didnt want us to break up. so i said that he could talk and see her as long as he was open and honest with me and if i had any question what so ever he answered them.( which he has done) so he then went and saw her in july and like i said he had sex wih her and he came back and told me that they did. at the moment i am sort of going day by day as i have never done this before and we are dealing with how we all feel when things come up and he as been really good with helping me with my jealously and insecurity when it comes up which isnt that often. i dont know what happens when my baby comes along yet. and im the one who said if he want to stay over at hers that he could, (maybe i am testing myself about how i would deal with when he is gone) and i think in my mind i am waiting for me to mess it up for everybody. our marriage as become so much better since i have let this happen.

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