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Wow...This is an interesting thread.

FYI, L is my wife. S is the male portion of a couple we are dating. D is the female wife of S. and I am a male. S and I are both straight, while D and L are both bi. When we all play, 9 times out of 10, we are all together in the same room. S and I never really do anything together, but are not homophobic, and have touched from time to time while in the act with the women. L and D have made love with each other before, and often play with each other while they are enjoying the other person's husband. I hope I'm not confusing too many people. LOL

I MUST say a few things here....My wife and I got married after knowing each other for about a month. We will have been married for 20 years in January.

We knew each other for a very short time, and we got lucky. (I did anyway. LOL) She has put up with my crap all this time, and complains so little. I love her so much.

Now, we are what we call "polyfidelous". Basically, we want to be with another couple exculsivly. We want it to just be us, and the other couple.

Well, we think we have found the couple we want to spend the rest of our lives with.......but how do you really know? The same way we "knew" when we got married in the first place? Well, if so....we are there....I mean, we've been with them on and off for the last 2 years.

Can we see ourselves growing old with them and still being happy? I can....I never asked my wife if she could or not. If not, then I guess we need to keep building the relationship before we make a commitment?

Anyway, IF things work out that way (and I honestly hope they do), then I would LOVE to do a commitment ceremony. How would I prefer it to be done? Well...Thats odd, and I'm not the creative one in our realtionships. In fact, I'm the one who does almost everything by the books or never breaks the mold. (Yes, I always stayed in the lines when I used my crayons. LOL ) BUT.....I would immagine it to be something like this:

S and I would be waiting at the end of the isle waiting with the officiant. The beach would be filled with our close friends and some family. (Sadly enough, L's father will likely pass on by the time this all happens, and S and D don't wish to admit this lifestyle to their family at this time, but we have opened up to our kids and some very close friends) L and D would walk down the isle together. Both in nice wedding dresses which would reflect their own personal styles.

Now, this is when it gets complicated........

L would go to stand in front of S and D would stand in front of me.

We would exchange some sort of vows, which would include a part about remaining true to EVERYONE in the union.

S and I would then put some form of commitment band onto the women's right ring fingers, and the women would put one on the mens right ring finger.

Then, L and S would kiss while D and I kiss.....However, L would be holding one of MY hands and one of S's hands, and D would be holding one of S's hands and one of mine.

Then...the throwing of the boquet would be customary right? So I would like to see that done as well. This gives all the women in attendance twice the chance of catching one. LOL

At the reception, it is customary to take the garter off the woman's leg...right? Well, I would take D's garter off, and possibly put it onto L's other leg, while S takes L's garter off and puts it on D's other leg.

Everyone keeping up so far? Anyone want to help with some vows? LOL J/K! I honestly want all of us to make our own. I feel that it would be WAY more meaningful.

Does this mean we're "ready"? No...not necissarily.

Anyway, enough of me being sappy for tonight....It's time for bed!

*EDIT* I just read this to L, and she said that it would be neat to have S&D's son, and our son (they are close in age) walk D and L down the isle to S and I, while our daughter plays her flute. That would be AWESOME!

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