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It took almost 5 years for my divorce to become officially final - long enough for a LTR turned engagement to come crashing down, and another to ensue, lol. Having those papers made me fell SO relieved...

...that I didn't have to deal with the courts anymore, LMAO!

It made absolutely ZERO difference in my life or relationship, other than to know that we could someday get legally married if we so chose without any problems - a fairly hazy difference, as we already intended to, and paperwork was paperwork only for both the divorce and really for the marriage.

with segues nicely into the ceremony bit.

Mono - I love ya man, but I don't get ya.

A ceremony or vow or anything can be written and performed to include as many people as it needs to, to commit them to whatever it is written and performed to do so. Citizenship is a pretty big deal - they're sworn in en mass, lol. Military service, clubs and other membership organizations, too. Heck - the very churches that perform "traditional" mono marriages also have other ceremonies for groups for various things. The Mormons and their family "sealing" ceremonies come to mind.

The ONLY difference is that the laws in north America thus far only permit two people to be LEGALLY bound, on paper.

So... WTF does that have to do with anyone's commitment to anyone else, save for filing taxes and/or in the event that that union has to be legally dissolved? Those are the only times that that piece of paper means shit, lol - the rest is all in the vows. And anyone who takes a vow seriously can commit it to a group as easily as to an individual. :shrug:

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