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I actually found the most difficult task was me convincing the girls I have done this with, is to convince them I don't mind the peeing on me. Yes I use those words specifically because, apparently, this is what it feels like. It is NOT pee...but the embarrassment of the potential urination is a big deal to work past mentally. Once they have done it and realize it isn't urination, thats a big mental block to get past. (it looks tastes and feels very different than urine...little closer to semen but much much thinner in texture)

Most of the ejaculations I have experienced had different techniques speeds and toys. i tend to enoy a little sexual torture with massive build up. But that requires a woman who doesn't loose her orgasm when being teased with orgasm witdrawl. I find the accumulated affect can create the ejaculate quite powerfully...

Lastly, in my experience. The first time don't lay anything out to catch the ejaculate. It can make the girl the end of my time with my ex, we were laying out plastic sheets in a 3 to 4 ft range. She became some comfortable we ended up making it a game of distance.

oh...and don't put pressure on here. Not all girls can do it with all partners. My ex ended up with her gf who wanted to out perform me in every way. So she put a lot of pressure on my ex to ejaculate...that was unfair and, ended up counter productive in many ways in the end.

I gotta say, I miss it a bit haha...its been a decade since I have been with a female who could ejaculate. ...
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