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Originally Posted by marksbabygirl View Post
hiking, sex, working out, sex, crafts, sex, computer time, sex, bdsm play, sex, fishing, sex, camping, sex, music (playing and listening to) and did I mention sex?

hehe! Sex sex sex! I tell my gf she can do anything she wants as long as she gives me as much sex as she possibly can, and keeps cooking me those fantastic dinners she is so good at dreaming up.

(But she can't always give me as much sex as I need, therefore, I have lovers. )

I agree with your list, but will add in a huge love of movies, both classic and offbeat. I actually prefer DVDs at home these days, so I can stretch out and be comfortable, and have a pee break without missing anything. I make exceptions for big budget films that cry out to be seen larger than life. Hopefully the movie is so good it will distract my bladder.

I am also an artist and love to create (draw, photograph, or do interior design rearrangements in both my apt and my gf's).

I love museums of all kinds... (wish I could find a bf who would share this interest. I did date a Harvard liberal arts prof for a while who got me into Harvard's museums free and had such interesting commentary).

I love to drive out into the country, sightsee, visit a winery for a tasting, walk on a beach, climb a mountain (heh, hopefully a small one, or a large hill, I am not as young as I used to be).

And I adore swimming and just playing in the water for hours. Nothing relaxes me more.
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