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I thought about this over the weekend, and I decided that it IS possible to be CF and change your mind like redpepper did, and like Schroedinger described (although as I've said, I'm sick of hearing about it being applied to me). However, with full or partial hysterectomy, or tubectomy, it is virtually impossible to have an "accident" that will cause one to change one's mind (I have heard of cases where "laser" tubal ligations "failed" and the person got pregnant, and then there's that relatively new "Essure" procedure which seems to come with a tiny risk of "accidental" pregnancy once the procedure is complete). I personally hold that if you change your mind about something like this, then some part of you was always "unsure" about it, or deep down you wanted it but were too immature or preoccupied with other things to understand yourself on that level. As far as it goes with "changing your mind", all I have to say about that is, once you have a kid or adopt one, or give one up for adoption, you can't change your mind after THAT, so I'd rather stick with what I know already works.

The thing I take issue with is when people think that they are CF just because they haven't had a kid YET, when they fully intend to have one "some day", or when they have one after planning on it their whole life and then say "I was CF before I had my kid... "

When it comes to biological vs adopted, I agree that it's your "PARENT(S)" who RAISE you, as far as the child is concerned. But, in regards to "being CF", which is mainly the concern of the "parent" as far as being the VESSEL or VEHICLE of reproduction goes, I still do not view someone who caused a child to be generated to be CF, according to the "world view" outlined by Ceoli and subsequently quoted by others.

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