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Yeah, something else that we decided to do this time, was go without the kids. Even though OUR kids know about our relationship choices, theirs don't. We respect that, and don't get too touchy or anythign when their kids are around. But until yesterday, we had been seeing them with their kids right there all the time. It was tough to show them any kind of affection that way, and I think that may have been part of why we were "off again" for a while. So yesterday, we made time to re-connect. It was so nice. And one more thing....Just the simple sounds so trivial, but when we all hugged for the was so nice and it made me feel so good afterward. That would be that NRE feeling creeping up again, but.....I'm hoping it doesn't go away this time. Not the feeling....That part never did go away for me.....I mean the physical touching. Anyway, I am rambling again.
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