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This all makes SO MUCH SENSE. Thank you for sharing the methods you all use, the feelings behind them, and the beautiful sense of well being and love that results from challenging our lesser selves who have been told so many lies about how we are to relate to one another.

I was raised in a very religious born-again and many times judgmental community, but it was not without lots of love for me as the person I am. I have repaired my thinking on how to relate to my family to a great extent-without subscribing to their religious theology and "moral" standards.

But I remember as a child in church feeling the sense of fellowship and love felt by many towards one goal as a community of support, and study, and growth.

I never thought this correlation would be possible, but as I learn about polyamory, hear these lovely stories of higher being, experience the lifting of burdens and negativity that have resulted from my husband and I talking about love in this way - I think it is the closest feeling to spiritual euphoria I have felt since I was a small child.

Amazing journey is right. We are all brave to strive for such sophisticated personal evolution. So many never even reach for it.

I was so wrong for most of my life when I thought I'd have to be alone in order to explore this life choice. It seems the polar opposite it true- and ain't that grand.
"Rocks will open and make a way for the lover."
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