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It's not me. I have only sent an email that was never answered. Except for the email I have had no contact with H.
And as far as our agreement goes, K has not spent any alone time with H this trip. Unless she is breaking our agreement and is doing it in secret.
I was pretty sure that my gesture would be taken the way it was, I know this woman very well.
K has one more nite before she and the kids head for home and she is going to some close friends of ours for a bbq and to spend the nite. If she has any plans to spend time with H, as in intimately, she is suppose to call and "check in", make sure I'm ok with it. I dont think she will bring him around our friends, they dont know about our lifestyle(is poly a lifestyle?).
Also called attention to K's F.B. profile, where she put her relationship as complicated, interesting conversation. Will have to wait and see if it gets changed.
Thanks again gang. All of your words help.
I would rather be hurt by your honest than pleasured by you lies!
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