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Yes, originally, we all started out as "swinging".....but as the relationship went on, we (my wife and I) realized it was more and more of a "poly" relationship. But, for now.....we simply leave the "p-word" out of all convo's with them. LOL They have not been with any other people since being with us on New Years.

In talking with D yesterday, I told her that we loved them. She said the feeling was mutual. ......Now, in hind sight, I should have had her eloborate, but....I want to move slow this time around.....

L and I have always had a rule in the past of no kissing the other person we are with, on the lips.....but this rule is beginning to fall like the Berlin wall. One piece at a time....before, neither of us really had a DESIRE to kiss anyone we do. For us, a kiss is the ultimate show of affection. Not sex. Oddly enough, for S and D, it is the same. I am weird....Just as I always suspected. LOL
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