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Ok, While my wife and I are fairly new to the whole "poly" idea....we have lived in a couple different "poly" relationships. 4 to be exact....but one of them was attached to another. We were seeing a couple, and then they got dicvorced. L kept seeing the male portion of the couple. The woman wouldn't have anything to do with us because we were still friends with her ex. It was truely a sad thing....Our current relationship, has lasted about 2 years on and off.

I have to say that it is WAY more difficult. Just when I start to think I can understand my wife.....I'm wrong. And so if I'm wrong about that, how will I ever understand my GF, or my wife her BF? It's so confusing, but....We try to make sure we are communicating a LOT. Yet, we have to make sure that we don't spend TOO much time with our bf and gf. (They are married to each other btw) When we do, we end up, the make up sex is great....but I could do without the arguments in the first place.....So yeah, it's MUCH more difficult than a mono relationship.

Oh, I almost forgot....The original question....My answer, we are not looking for anyone else now that we are "on again" with our couple. However, when we are "off again", we are looking almost every day. LOL But in almost 6-7 months of looking almost every single day, we found no-one we liked....except our original couple...and then it hit us...We were being stupid.

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