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G'day and Kia Ora, from New Zealand/Aotearoa. We are a fmf 'trouple'; Francis, Shirl, and Bfre (Be Free), and co-habit in a polyfidelitous relationship. We've been a trouple for four years, come this October! Woohoo!

Most of our friends and families know of our very special relationship and no one seems to be bothered by it. If anything, I think our friend and families are supportive 'cos they see our relationship as something very special.

A bit about us...

Francis - 52, male, works in social services, ruggedly good-looking *cough*, and a fairly good-natured kiwi bloke. Can tie a cherry stalk into a knot in his mouth.

Shirl - 38, female, office manager, cute-as, and is the household's chief organisor of our social and daily/weekly/monthly activities. Luvs her cats. Is obsessed with "Shortland Street" (local medical soapy.)

Bfre - 38, female, artist, and also cute. Bfre has a fantastic gift for counselling and sorting our interpersonal problems. Luvs her cats, bunnies, two frogs, and would luv to add chickens, pukekos, and a Llama to our menagerie. (Francis sez 'no' - our local city council would have a fit!!)

We are also members of
Two's company, but three's allowed!
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