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Thanks ari, i appriciate the empathy.

Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
we are "just" friends. People come and go and we stay in touch
I suspect this is the nub of it, i see us as "just friends" because there is no sexual chemistry or life sharing commitment between us, but i care alot about her and would like that in return.
I think she equates deep caring and responsibility only to family (including her bf) not friends :0( though she is happy to accept support from friends. (she has always got just one person she feels emotionally closest to, be it her bf or a platonic friend) I have always had deep feelings for a number of friends at the same time and can't imagine switching feelings on and off as she seems to. I have to accept we are very different. (this is the tangential platonic mono/poly styles i was aluding to)

the sadness i feel at the ending of girls night is probably a slightly seperate issue in that it just highlights that I've to an extent been probably been using my friends as emotional substute for a LTR and need to find my own partner(s) still there we go.

i'm totally with you on a) and thats prob the way i'll go, as eyes open thats more the way i want to be, thanks again

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