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Default New, about me (and us)

Hi, my name is Christopher. I am happily married with 2 children. Recently my wife and I have found another couple (2 lovely ladies) who we both fell for. It was crazy at first and nobody wanted to talk about it. We've been married 8 years and we really wanted to make sure a poly relationship with another couple was something we were truly ready and willing to participate in.

So yeah...things you need to know to "know me"

I am the vocalist in a post-black metal / new age metal band called Naess (

We (my wife and I) are totally into self sufficiency and urban farming. We have our own urban chicken coop and a large garden (which we'll expand to 2 gardens next year)

I am an announcer for a roller derby league under the name "Harry Scary". My wife and girlfriends play on the league as well. Derby rules our life.

that's probably a good start. I'm glad I found this community because I need to be "plugged in" to others who are sharing similar life experiences.


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