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No he has not received any help yet for the abuse, he is waiting for some counselling, i have 3 weekly psychotherapy however

Spoke to my husband last night and his intentions seem unclear or he is confused. Now he is saying that i can explore my relationship with my friend without guilt but he wants to remain in the family home (friend lives across the road).

When i asked him what happens if i have sex with my friend he replied "be honest if you want to/need to, its up to you". Does that sound clear enough?.

I feel a little nervous about this but circumstances have changed the way that i think and feel. When one of them is out of my life i feel miserable.

Its hard as my husband was abusive for most of the relationship. Now that has stopped he wants the perfect relationship but it has changed me and i feel i need my friend to complete me. Whats wrong with loving more than one person anyway?
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