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Originally Posted by angel View Post
I dont know how to live without them both, they make me feel complete. Any advice please?.
The biggest hurdle seems to have been overcome: They're both willing to make an effort at a poly relationship.

Naturally, the child will require you to think things through very carefully, but you would not be the first person raising a child in a poly household. Rest-assured, you are in good company!

The only advice I can offer is to continue communicating and being honest with everyone. Beyond that, every person's situation is different and only the three of you can find out what will work best in your lives.

There will be issues that come up, there are in any relationship.

I am worried about the history of abuse with your husband, has he received treatment for this? That would be my biggest concern about bringing the child into your world. While you would always have the choice to leave if the abuse returned, the child may feel more trapped.
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