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Again Thanks to everyone for all the support. Its funny how sometimes you know deep in the corners of your heart whats true and what needs to be done but how a bunch of complete strangers telling you exactly those same things makes it all ring true. Thanks for the validation. Ive spent the better part of the last year trying to get him to see the nature of his "evil ways" just trying to get him to see from my perspective. like hitting a brick wall over and over again. He really honestly believes he is in the right and thinks he has done right by me. He once read the description of what a narcissist is and announced that it sounded like him and he was smug like it was a good thing. lol. I really do want him to be happy. I will never be happy with him.

side note Anyone is the Phoenix AZ area who wants a torrid rebound relationship for about a month and a half? JK lol
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