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Originally Posted by DazednConfused View Post
I've sent her some links, and the forum info here, she even gave this forum to a friend who is begining to process his Poly. She has told me she may come here someday, but for now she feels that you all have given me some peace, and taught me alot, she seems to think it would take something away from me by coming here. I've told her that's nonsense, that Ive said nothing here I have any concern over her seeing.

My worry is she's processing this new lifestyle/orientation development all on her own. I really want to be able to help her, while balanceing the help I need.
hmmm my first thought was - well thats selfish, she needs to be making an effort too. She should be trying to learn and work on her own towards something that meshes with you...

my second thought - my wife, regardless of what I put in front of her, figured it all out on her own. I would communicate *my* lessons and revelations to her. Every month or so she would come storming back with a progression that impressed me each time, sometimes blowing past what I have learned. She was working, naturally, through everything.

Everyones learning styles and communication styles are different. You may want to figure those out before trying to get her to learn a way she may not like or even be capable of
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