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When all of this started and I thought she wanted to leave, I handed her my ring. It was immediately given back to me! K keeps telling me that I am the one she loves, I am the one that she wants to be with, I am her life. Then why must she keep H in her life? Why is she willing to risk all that we have? What is so damn important about him?

Perhaps I need to listen. Perhaps I'm too mono. I still have my insecurities, being pushed out, being replaced. The thought of K having an emotional connection on the level that we do..........................

Maybe I am still over thinking all of this. Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill. I think patience and communication are the keys to my issues. We have a great level of communication, we can talk about anything. Patience is not one of my strongest qualities. But having kids has sure helped me learn patience..

Now you all have me worried! The card and the ring are in the envelope together, so there shouldn't be any questions. I will have to wait til K calls me tonite, now I'm crossin my fingers!
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