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I've been doing my own hair since I was about 14. I've had a few professional cuts when I was working in an office, but other than that it's been pretty punky.

Right now I've got a sweet mohawk that garners me some great compliments. I love it when people ask, "Where do you get your hair done?" and I answer, "In my bathroom."

I've never had my hair professionally dyed, it's stupid expensive and I don't see the point when it's so easy to do at home. I've used both Manic Panic when I wanted unnatural colours, and DIY boxed dye for the normal colours. Since I have so little hair, I usually divide a box into about 5 sessions. It's like a little chemistry lab in my bathroom, weighing out the powders and measuring the creams, to keep all the ratios the same.

My step-daughter always complains about how she never has money to go out. Then she goes to the salon and spends $100 on cut & dye every month!
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