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I love lying down in the hammock, reading a book. My cats come outside with me, and one of them always figures me in the hammock means it's time for her to get attention. Sometimes she'll sit in my lap while I swing.

I watch too much TV.

I like to cycle and walk.

Gardening!! And container gardening inside. I'm planning to grow indoor cukes this winter... There's nothing like picking a fresh cucumber when it's -40 out!!

Originally Posted by celtickitten View Post
To watch:
Big Bang Theory
DeGrassi (curse you, teen're my shame)
Love & Love!! I've been a degrassi fan since back in the day. I followed Spike, Joey, Kaitlyn, and the gang through their childhoods right up until graduation! "Everybody wants something, they'll take your monay, and never give up!"
Gralson: my husband (works out of town).
Auto: my girlfriend (lives with her husband Zoffee).

The most dangerous phrase in the English language is "we've always done it this way."
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