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Ya, I know, I'm losing my mind.


-it's financial, them dating is going to get expensive, for me
-I worry sooo much when they are out about her safety
-if I'm the one sitting at home alone, my mind wanders to all the ugly places and I just stew
-they are not as discreet as they think they are and it embarasses me
-again, lack of discretion, someone is going to see them together if they keep hiding in bars, it would be too easy/dangerous for his wife to find out
- if i go out I can distract myself from it, I can always try staying in spare room, and if I start to stew I can step out

-I just built that damn bed..
-it's kinda squicky

As for why I'm giving so much, if it turns out I can't accept her for this, I want to look back with no regrets knowing I did all I possibly could for the one I love, even if I go a bit insane along the way. I also love her very much, and simply want to give her all the comfort I can while she's struggling through this. I know, deep down, he's just using her, she will get hurt, but in the meantime, it may make it a bit better?
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