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Please pardon the double-post, I know it's bad forum-form.

UGH I suck!

So last night was her first shot at taking me on a date. Well there's this restaurant I've been trying to take her to for years now. Last weekend she told me shes was running a race with him there, and I got pissed. Well, she takes me there last night. I know it's silly but it hurt. The whole date was disconnected, I knew she was somewhere else. For a bout half the ride home, and a half hour after we got home, she cried. Tried too hard to plan date, doesn't want to lose me, was uncofortable. I just held her. Home for less than a half hour, he texts her, asks her first where she took me, 5 minutes later he texts her to come out. Of course I told her to go, but I snapped. I was not even in the neioghborhood of nice. Something of "get the fuck away from me..go have money, condoms? Call if you get to drunk to drive.." All said with a growl. And they met at the strip club, which pissed me off even more. Firstly I enjoyed going there with her, secondly I was embarassed that the employees there would see them together. I was a furious mess.

We've since done the maya culpas, and are trying to have a good day today.

Will the peaks and valleys get smaller/further apart, or will I always be like this?

I also told her next time, he can come to house, I'll either go in other room, or leave, but it will be more discreet for them, and I won't be home screaming in my own head.

Good - Bad?
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