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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
I'm assuming that's to be interpreted as "who neither have nor live with", as opposed to "do not have or do not live with"
Most CF people that I know hold to a philosophy that applies to the larger world beyond themselves. That philosophy being a commitment to not add any more children to the the world as there are plenty of people doing that already and there seem to be a lot more children in the world than capable adults that can care for them. Given that view, it's entirely reasonable for a person not to be considered CF if they have indeed added a child to the world even if that child was put up for adoption. Because that person did indeed have a child and added it to the world, even if they now live free of the burden of caring for that child.

For many, being CF is a world view of keeping societies sustainable, not just a narrow view of how they want to conduct their own lives without the burden of children.

(note: I do not consider caring for children to be a burden, but it seems that many people seem to view the motivations of being CF to be about children being considered a burden in life, which is why I used that term here)
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