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Originally Posted by jkelly View Post
Just to clarify, are you actually talking about someone saying that they could love an infinite number of people? If that's the case, I can imagine why you're skeptical; there's some sort of metaphysics going on there that's hard to grasp.

But really, if someone were to say to me "I have an infinity capacity for love", I'd think that meant "I am not going to 'run out' of love", which I think is a pretty reasonable statement.
I was struggling to figure out what I meant, as I wrote it.

Yes, it's completely obvious that no one can love an infinite number of people (except for some kind of spiritual sense).

"Not going to 'run out' of love"... When you put it that way, it does sound pretty reasonable. But then, why doesn't everyone claim to have an infinite capacity for love?

Do some people believe they are going to run out of love?

When Mono talks about the fact that if he ever finds himself loving someone else, it means he's stopped loving the other person, does that mean he only has a finite amount of love? [[sorry to put you on the spot, Mono]]
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