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You have access to a huge kink community where a lot are poly. I seem to have decent luck on this site :P, as well as real life...I must be a flirt or something.

You should talk to Jennifer as well, she claims a fairly high percentage of her group are poly. Might really hit it off there (not to mention some of the parties look REALLY fun)
Yay! I found the post! (lol)

The kink community- yep - lots of fun - but not necessarily a good dating pool.

I'll just keep talking to people, practicing that patience thing... (that's fun, LOL)

Jennifer - as we discussed - not an option. I just get really really bad vibes from that direction. I know that there are a LOT of people who connect really well with her - and all the power to them.

However... I'm always up for meeting new people.
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