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LMAO! Karma that made me laugh! You have a very valid point, as much as the caveman in me( his name is grog) wants to do just that, the more sensible part of me wants to meet and get to know this guy. Part of me wants to meet the guy who is so "special" that K is willing to go through all of this. Grog just wants to SMASH!

TL, if it means that I get to keep my true love, I am willing to take alot more punishment. I have been through alot of pain, mental and physical, in my life. Started in childhood and has continued. I have been mentally and physically abused by my mother(we don't talk), I have healed from those wounds, have the scars to prove it! I learned to walk again after shattering my leg. I deal with rheumatoid arthritis every day( I have bad knees, both need replaced). So, yes I will endure what ever it takes. I never quit(glutton for punishment?)!

RP, you made a point that I have not thought about. K is probably scared. I think back to when we were swingin and I always made sure that my new "partner" met K. I was always nervous! I think you have some great insight. I will try my best to give K more time to sort out her feelings.

Thank you all again. I do value your input and insight.
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