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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
They don't have children. This means procreation in my world.
Originally Posted by
pertaining to adults who do not have or live with children:
I'm assuming that's to be interpreted as "who neither have nor live with", as opposed to "do not have or do not live with"

And the wiki page for shits and giggles
I'm relieved by this line from the wiki page:
Childfree individuals do not necessarily share a unified political or economic philosophy, and most prominent childfree organizations tend to be social in nature.
So the fact that YGirl is spoutin' off about the "real, true CF" people is just the usual hot air

I can see the point though. A social group of child-free adults guarantees you'll never hear "sorry, I have to cancel our plans, the sitter is sick" and will never lose friends to parenthood. And from a social stand-point, in my mind, it makes no difference what a person's history is, whether they have always been child-free or only became that way after some life event made it so.

I can also see the value of a general description from a dating perspective. It's vital that two partners agree on the desire whether or not to have kids if they plan to form a lifelong bond. In that case, child-free and child-less are very different things, and if you're child-free, you want to make sure your partner isn't just incidentally child-less, but that it's been a concentrated effort to be so.
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