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Originally Posted by jokutus View Post
My wife and I are childfree and we recently opened up our marriage... With our childfree lifestyle, it seems to make being poly extemely easy. I was wondering how many people have decided to live the childfree/poly life. We are lucky because we are friends with 2 other poly/childfree couples so we all pretty much click as a "family" unit. Anyone want to share their thoughts?
I sure am glad to be without any children at this point in my life, and have had experiences that put me face to face with parenthood, so no, I'm not child-free. I am, however, grateful to have done my worst bumbling around with life (I hope) without the responsibility of caring for and shaping another's life.

That includes this first five years of my marriage, and all the growth that gave us as people. I may be ready to have a child when I finish school, but will not accept having a child until I have accomplished that goal and have some flippin health insurance at least.

If it's not in the cards, both of us can accept it. I find myself not recoiling entirely these days, and that's something for me. I have always been very sure that the right time had not yet come, although I have always wanted to be a parent, a really good one.

I am sure everything is more complicated with more humans involved, so I'm sure poly is no exception when it comes to the complexity, stress level, unique challenges, and victories parents experience.

When and if I have a kid, I want to be passionate, not just accepting of the responsibility. I tend to not want to do something at all if it really means something to me and I don't have the proper tools to do it justice just yet.

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