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P.S. Excuse the typos! I'm on my phone.

Another thing sprang up for me when I used the word symptom. She should be prepared for anything when she talks to him about it. It could be laziness. It could be an emotional disconnect. But it could be something much more personal for him. For me (I called it my icky can of worms) when I decided to look into why I had an emotional wall up it was because of sexual abuse. Abuse that I thought I had healed completely. I didn't think I had any issues with sex, but I was wrong and it took me digging into that with alot of tearful and sometimes dark/angry discussions AND alot of my fiance holding me in a non invasive way for me to finally drop my emotional guard. Now if the case with him is something deeper who knows if he's willing to touch that with a ten foot pole. If he is willing to dig deeper she needs to prepare to be patient and understanding as he goes through a process of discovery. In the end it's very much worth the work because I did achieve it. I'm just working on getting it back after a very bad summer.
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