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I have to say its almost humourous to me that this thread is so long! Who would of thought!?

Ygirl- question... In your oh so interesting opinion, would I not be considered child free if I didn't want a baby until I was 31? I was adimently against kids until then. For all the reasons I hear on here and elsewhere; drain on the environment, too many kids in the world, etc. Then I had this huge overwhelming desire to have the child I have. I dreamt about him. He came into my life for some reason.

I was pregnant again but wasn't all that interested and am not sure why we thought it was a good idea. We lost her.
Now I would take foster kids, look after kids in other ways... I sponser a child in rhwanda for instance. I figure the energy I would of spent on another child, and money, is better spent on kids who have less than mine. That to me is taking care of our world and its future. Something I feel good about.
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