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Wow Eugene, the Poet in your handle suits you. Thank you. It's all so damned hard. I really have been focusing on my communication, and have kept my anger under a very tight lid.

My challenge right now, is making sure, that I try with all my heart to be there in some capacity to pick up the pieces. I just don't know if I'm strong enough.

Next challenge:

On a few occasions, she's mentioned - hell I don't know the Poly term - to unite the 3 of us in a carnal way. Before her, I looked at sex as entertainment, and I'd do anything for her. In theory I have no issue with giving myself in this way for her. I did tell her that it would be as a gift to her, if she's making this request for him, they can forget it. Once again, the person I was before big deal...but last night I was thinking about it in greater detail, and I don't know if my heart needs to actually see it/them....if it were just some last -call jo or joann stranger, no prob...but this...

Edit to add:

Part of me also suspects this is what he has been after all along... and perhaps the sooner this happens...the sooner she will see his intentions?

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