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Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
I agree with that. And being CF is a lot more (or a lot LESS, if you prefer) than not just being a "parent". It ALSO means not passing on your DNA.
But why? What is it about passing on your DNA that makes you think that person cannot be "child free"?

The benefit of having such a restrictive definition of what it means to be CF is so that there is some criteria for identifying other like-minded individuals. I thought I said this somewhere already, but I may have edited it in while you were typing your post.
If it is about "identifying like-minded individuals", then I understand even less. If you meet someone who has exactly your view, and shares all your opinions on the subject, but 15 years ago, they had a different perspective and had a child adopted, or donated sperm, what makes them not like-minded now?

I'm a little bit amused by how much stock people seem to be placing in my opinion(s) about this, as though I'm some sort of authority figure.
I don't think that is what is happening. Your definitions are just being questioned because they seem arbitrary - that's all.
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