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There was one part that bothered me because I fear it is true:

Conservatives are not alone in watching warily. Gay-marriage advocates have become leery of public association with the poly cause—lest it give their enemies ammunition. As Andrew Sullivan, the Atlantic columnist, wrote recently, "I believe that someone's sexual orientation is a deeper issue than the number of people they want to express that orientation with." In other words, polyamory is a choice; homosexuality is not. It's these dynamics that have made polyamory, as longtime poly advocate Anita Wagner puts it, "the political football in the culture war as it relates to same-sex marriage."

I am a big gay marriage advocate. I even write an occasional article for my local newspaper arguing againt prop 8 (California anti-gay marriage proposition) as well as other religiously inspired intolerant treatment of minorities.

One of my points is that gay marriage should have been decided way back when interracial marriage was legalized. I even say that all the arguments that were against interracial marriage are being used against gay marriage. I had several black people write me and say that gay marriage is completely different from interracial marriage but they could not tell me how. They could not also give me a reason why gay marriage should be illegal that is not a reason to make interracial marriage illegal.

So I see blacks gaining their rights and ignoring homosexuals. And I am afraid I will see homosexuals get their rights and ignore polyamorists. Will we continue this trend and ignore the next group that is seeking their rights? I am not sure who that will be? Maybe the furries? Either way, I hope that as a group we stick with the philosophy that activities are ok as long as they have the full knowledge and consent of all involved adults.
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