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Originally Posted by RatatouilleStrychnine View Post
Being a parent is a lot more than just passing on your DNA.
I agree with that. And being CF is a lot more (or a lot LESS, if you prefer) than not just being a "parent". It ALSO means not passing on your DNA.

The benefit of having such a restrictive definition of what it means to be CF is so that there is some criteria for identifying other like-minded individuals. I thought I said this somewhere already, but I may have edited it in while you were typing your post.

I'm a little bit amused by how much stock people seem to be placing in my opinion(s) about this, as though I'm some sort of authority figure. Just because I have strong, black-and-white viewpoints doesn't mean that I believe these should be legislated or anything. I know why - because it's an emotionally-charged subject. Well, I happen to think that this subject is sugar-coated in day-to-day communication rather enough, and I have taken this opportunity to speak frankly in the wake of all the times that I have to censor myself in order to function effectively in society. If this means that some people would choose to not like me, then I am prepared to live with that because "I would rather be hated for being who I really am than be liked for being something I am not" or however the saying goes.

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