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Holy shitballs this is going to blow up in your wife's face. Like.....just....oh wow.
Ya, she is. Before she and I got together I am ashamed to say I was with a married man, for 6 years. I know the story she is about to write, and it has a trajic ending. Thing is, I can't help her, or protect her, and it makes my heart bleed. This one she's gotta do on her own, and they both (her and BF) suck at it, and have no idea how to be discreet - and worse - they think they are. If I lay it all on the line as for how bad the affair part of it is, I'll only seem bitter and jealous. Fortunately some of her closest friends are starting to open up about how they feel. I can only hope they get through to her. While this half has nothing really to do with if I ever accept Poly, it's still a frakkin debocle.
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