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ha! I thought there really is a movement. Is there? sorry, confused now.... it wasn't fucking so ygirl

Don't care what you all say, I am child free for the duration of three days camping! woo hoo.... I am usually the loudest. Louder than any kid!

You can bet we will be those loud campers with kids later in the month though. Only because the adults are loud! Get your ear plugs Heh,

Actually I have a very quiet boy... comes with the territory when there is just one of them in a group of adults... he doesn't get the kid thing very much and keeps asking us to quiet down

Takes all kinds to make a village I think. Seniors and kids and men and women and queers and tranny boys, and kinksters and poly people.....

Really kids are just mini grown ups. They come with all the same attributes. I get a little surprised when people talk of them as if they are some alien creature or some pet. Even was a I was child free I noticed this.... just in case you think I'm talking about after.

The difference now is that I have to deal with the boy every moment of my life. If someone isn't able or wanting to do that, believe me I get it. I wish some days I didn't, but ah well, whatdoIdo.... just deal and deal well.

As for Taxes? Whatever, the boy goes to private school and we still pay for the crap school down the road.
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