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Default Is this poly? Am I poly?

I'm newish to the forum and have been dipping my toes in and out of the poly world (intellectually) for over a year. I say intellectually because up until a few months ago I hadn't even though we mentioned it to my husband. From the start of our relationship, we've always had fantasies about being with other people and we are generally friendly and flirtatious with those of the opposite sex. we're best friends and actually prefer the company of the opposite sex more than our own (ie: all my friends all of my life have been men).

We started out being interested in swinging but realized that neither of us were up for meeting a person and then having random sex that night. We would love to know a couple that we care about and also are able the intimate with the partner of the opposite sex. However, were not interested in setting up a multi-adult household. We have two children and want to raise them ourselves.

Barring being able to find a couple where we all get along, we'd like to have independent friends with benefits, if that makes sense. I guess it's what you'd call "partnered non-monogamy." Not as serious as a long term partner, but not as casual as a one night stand.

All I read about poly is triad this and V that and shared household this....I'm not sure where we fit in, if at all?
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