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Originally Posted by jbird View Post
Am I wrong or is there a bit of a judgement being made that polyamorism is morally superior to other forms of non-monogamy? What does this re-defining do to the discussion about the innateness (versus choosing) of the condition? Is polyamorism more innate - or more legitimate as an identity - then "fucking around?"
Well this is a poly forum rather than an open forum, that might be why you pick that up. There has been an on going debate for some time about where the line is between each description for people. I think it is a personal line and when someone comes close to that line and describes themselves as poly when the person reading finds their actions as being more of an open nature, it can cause some discomfort for the person reading/listening.

I don't see how it relates to sex negative myself but more to do with personal boundaries of ones personal description of what their poly means to them.
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