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I think its a matter of time. I don't know how long your love has been with his other, but it takes time to feel comfortable with such things. Maybe it just hasn't been long enough. Trust needs building and compersion needs to reach the level where you don't even notice that the other in that conscious way when they are around. It all comes I think. Give it time and respect that there is a reason that we go through this stuff. Its all part of it and all our own protection and sorting things out.

I am reserved when roly is around. I don't want Nerdist to touch me or show her what we are like together in that way because I don't know her and don't trust that I should invest in knowing her. I get that. But with Mono and Derby and Nerdist there are no indications that energy exists. I don't get that energy from us being together. We all touch when it comes naturally and it is as if it has always been. Just as in a mono relationship of some time, things just become natural and not a deal at all.
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