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There is still an aweful lot of unfreindly crap around gays in general, and men take it a little harder than women in society so far. The possible reasons for this are myriad and irrelevent, so long as the fct that gay men take more heat from homophoes than most women is stipulated.

What's more, it gets even weirder when looking away from gay and homing in (hahahahaha) on bisexuality - for whatever reason, bi women are more accepted - in fact, becoming more the 'norm' every day - and bi men are almost treated more poorly than gay men - and oddly enough, often moreso by gay men than straight.

I imagine this has a bit to do with it.

Also - in another thread, the issue of women having an "easier" time sharing than guys came up; this and many other reasons might explain the assumption by so many that polymory = polygamy.

I am straight, even tried to experiment against my own insincts once and proved laughably that I am zero percent gay, lol. 2 of the girls in the house are quite openly and very bisexual, the 3rd is straaight but becoming more curious, she could land on either side of that coin. So I guess our relationship just holds up the other image, lol. I'll try to be more attracted to men if it'll help - no promises on the effectiveness of these attempts, though!

A unicorn in swinger and poly, etc, circles is a bisexual individual who is attracted to both partners in a couple. Usually referred to in the mythical sense because it happens so rarely yet everyone in the scene is looking for them; a unicorn is anyone who fits the critera, but if left unspecified, the default assumption is the "HBB" or "Hot Bi Babe" image.

There are many MFM relationships on this site, not sure where the idea that most here are not came from? It almost seems to be 50/50, or even SLIGHTLY weighted TOWARDS the MFM arrangement from what I read..?
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