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Default Feeling odd

Had a conversation with my husband tonight, and it's left me thinking about this one particular thing. I'd like to hear your opinions/experiences.

My husband, C, is currently seeing someone, and we've talked about the three of us going to the local Ren Faire together in September. And I'm not so eager. In thinking about that, I realize I'm not comfortable being affectionate with him when we are with his other partner. He and I are typically affectionate - holding hands, hugging, touching - but in this scenario, I hold back.

The three of us have spent time together hanging out at our house. This feels good, and after we eat or watch TV or whatever, I can go do my thing and let them to do theirs. We've been out together a few times, and it's these times that I feel myself stepping back. Maybe it's to show respect and allow them their time together, as I have other time with him. Maybe I feel like a third wheel and it's just not my favorite way to spend time with them.

I do feel compersion when I see them together. I guess I feel weird showing her how he and I are together. There is a reserve that I feel, and I don't know where it's coming from.

Have you ever felt this way?
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