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Nothing has really changed. I've always had family and close friends, and if anyone I was ever dating didn't treat them with the proper respect, they hit the road packing. But I have pretty good jerk-radar, so I can't remember a single time that's actually happened!

I still wait for lightning to strike. Sometimes I stick lightning rods in the ground to attract it, but I never throw a toaster in the bathtub.

[[LoL, I just love that analogy]]

If I found someone with whom I clicked and I felt that I just had to pursue it, I would do so. Of course, I would be conscious of my husband and would proceed carefully, but I guess I've always been more rational than emotional, so that's nothing new. In other words, I've moved very quickly into relationships before that just didn't work out, but I was conscious of what I was doing all along the way.

When I was single, I always made sure that every relationship was good for me and enhanced my life. When a relationship stopped enhancing my life, I ended it (the relationship, not my life ). Now that my life is shared with another person, this philosophy just extends to him being part of my life. In other words, anything that harms my marriage harms me as well.

Like Ari, I've never been a fan of partner-criteria. If I would have had criteria, my husband wouldn't have made the cut!!! And that would super duper suck! He's a conservative, smoking redneck who drives too fast and recklessly and has a kid and spends money carelessly. Ask me 4 years ago if I would have ever married someone like that, and I'd say no frickin way... and yet I love my life and the part he plays in it!
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