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Originally Posted by jokutus View Post
Amen Brother! We also don't get the tax deductions that those with kids get - (which is totally unfair), yet we are forced to pay school taxes if we own property. I really don't get that - if some of us don't have kids, why on earth should we have to pay into the public school system? I've got a vasectomy, when am I going to ever use the school system?

Yet, those with kids get a federal tax break. And this even better - if they have 3 kids, they still pay the same rate in school taxes. Its crazy!!
In 20 years, today's kids will be tomorrow's doctors, engineers, city planners, etc. If only their parents pay for their public education, there won't be enough funding to teach them shit. Then your buildings will fall over, you'll die in the ER, and traffic will overflow.

So when are you ever going to use the school system? The moment they start graduating and you start benefiting from their contribution to society. And when you retire and they're still paying into the public pension system after the Government has long since spent your own contributions, you'll be grateful that they're not all making minimum wage.
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