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Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
If one is truly CF, yes, they would have the abortion. That is what abortion is there for. If a guy gets a woman pregnant "by accident" and wants the woman to have an abortion, and she doesn't, then it's too bad, the guy is NOT cf.

The true, real, CF people that I know all are or want to be surgically sterilized (as I am). They also use birth control religiously, sometimes even two or three methods, and if for some reason they got pregnant anyway, they would have an abortion.
I didn't realize CF was so selective and elitist. I'm not sure I want to be in the club anymore, I just want to be happy about not having kids of my own. I realize you're a member of some CF groups and I supposed you've all spent a lot of time defining criteria... but as soon as I hear "The true, real *** people" it starts sounding holier-than-thou, and I want no part of that. Now if you'd said, the "extreme CF people" it wouldn't sound so elitist and offensive.

I completely disagree with your view that if you're CF and you're accidentally impregnated, and abortion goes against your moral code because you value life and can't live with the thought of being responsible for ending a life, then you get kicked out of the CF club even if you give the child up for anonymous closed adoption. I suppose surrogacy for a close friend or family member who can't have kids of her own also gets you kicked out of the club?

The pill has medical complications that some need to avoid, and female sterilization is not a casual procedure. When I was younger, I asked three doctors about getting my tubes tied, and they all refused to consider it until I was at least 30! They all said that unless there were medical risks to getting pregnant, they didn't want to chance that I might change my mind. So I've been on the pill for 12 years, and now my last pap smear came back abnormal, which some studies have linked to long-term usage of the pill providing HPV a better foothold. I don't want kids, but don't want cervical cancer even more!

The only penis I have sex with is no longer connected to its testes, so I guess under your elitist definition, I would still get to be in the club. But take my name off the member list, I don't want to be part of something so exclusionary, just so I can wear some CF label like it's a badge of honour.
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