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Keep at it AC, you're doing great. It has only been a short time and you have come a long way in that time! Both you and your husband. I commend him for the open mind he has had.
Realize that many of us have been on this same journey. Myself included. It takes time and patience and continued communciation with as much honesty as you can muster. You are doing all of that! Good for you! Your husband will come around to some of your thoughts. Remember he has only just learned of this and needs to catch up.

I have found that there is nothing like poly to make me face things in my relationship life. It brings up all kinds of things I had no idea were going on for me or my partners. The topic of where you should be putting your efforts in life is one of them for you it seems.

I'm sure you have expressed to him all you have said here, but part of what his concern was was about him. Now you you have something more to share with each other that you might not of known if it weren't for this journey. You get to hold his hand and be there for him on his journey of discovering what he can do to be more confident as he can be for you on your journey. Because you decided to tell him you are now journeying together. A far more connected and rewarding way than cheating. It shows courage and respect to do that. I am full of admiresyupb.

Isn't this what relationships such as marriage are about? Doesn't it feel great to be able to give something back to him for his giving to you by even considering your spending time with this other man? This is what its all about to me anyway! I am a rock for my partners as much as I can be, because they give to me in return. This is what makes it work. We look for what we can give and allow ourselves to receive. At least this is the aim of it all and what makes it worth it!
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