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Thanks for clarifying. Your wife has now entered that realm. That's really sad.

I don't care what his wife did, or how she makes him sleep on the couch. HE created that. HE caused that behaviour and now they are both showing their children how to treat the ones they love with disrespect. She has become just as bad as a result. The damage continues to them. The trust that is so prescious in a child is being destroyed by them watching their parents. And so another generations trust in people is destroyed little by little. Shame. Shame on them. Shame on your wife! I get that they weren't doing well, but work on it or move on. That is what makes for healthy people.

Yup, I give you free rein to cause some major whoop ass on your wife (for what Its worth). This would be a complete deal breaker for me. I simply would not stay. I am still reaping what I sowed with an ex that was cheating on his wife; and I didn't even know! Nope, never again. If be done until she is done with him.
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