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That may be an unusual concern, or one that you don't sympathise with, but if it's something that's important to him (and it sounds like it is), and your relationship with him is important, then you should try to ameliorate that concern.
Oh, I definitely agree. We are talking more about this too, and it tends to always come back to his own dissatisfaction with his own achievements. When I tell him how much I think I've achieved, and how everyone else always tells me I'm accomplishing so much, he will agree. I don't know if he believes it. He doesn't have specific goals for me, so much as he wants me to have my own. I can't even figure out what mine are, besides growing my business, raising my kids (and did I mention we just completed a 2 yr home remodel?). I'm just too busy being a mama. Somehow he imagines I am devoting hours to my friendships and this other love. Just writing this I've been interrupted at least 10 times by my children -not an environment conducive to deep thought! Anyway, I'm trying to understand this better too.
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