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One week, is that all? I guess things have moved really fast! I think it's for the best that my friend lives 2 hrs away and we aren't likely to see him for a while. Both men are nervous about seeing each other again, but I think enough time to get used to things will be a help.

My husband and I are still talking about it, a little at a time. He wanted to know a little more about what I meant by loving this man, so I described my feelings more and he said, "Well, that's ok." He asked what it meant long term -would I be taking care of my friend when he's old? (He's 65 now.) I assured him there are no expectations. The man has 4 kids for all that, and still wants to find another wife. I just want to be able to be with him from time to time, and talk to him in between. He asks nothing of me except continued honesty.

Such a whirlwind -last night I got a call from the wife of my husband's brother, full of anger over marital problems there, hoping we can intervene before she gives up and walks out. My poor husband just wants a peaceful life where we're all happy. No more drama!
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