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Wait a minute, he's married and his wife doesn't know about your wife?!!

Ya, I would go ape shit on both of them! Wow you have been patient. I don't see how a little blowing up is a bad thing. They are both delusional in my opinion if they think this is a good idea.

If I were you I would have nothing more to do with it, having heard this new information. Sorry, did I miss this before? I would be advocating for you wife to run very far from this man and break contact immediately. He is in a world of trouble if you ask me. He is treating someone with the one of the biggest disrespects anyone can bestow on another. There is no integrity in it. It is SO damaging and often beyond repair to cheat on someone who thinks you love them. She is trusting him and that trust is in severe jeopordy. It is life altering and destroys something inside when its broken. That trust is the same as we felt as children of our parents. Its a huge trust that makes us feel right in the world. He is taking that away from her.

Yes, I would encourage him to come clean about what he wants with his wife and their relationship before engaging in any other relationship. He should not have anyone else in his life when he does this and it should be completely resolved when he steps out with another. Your wife I think should stand well back, build her bond with someone else or wait until he is really free to do as he wishes. Why would she want to be with someone who is not good enough for her? He is not good enough for her if he is having an affair with her. She is degrading her own self worth and should realize he will likely do the same to her in treating her disrespectfully in some way. She is causing just as much damage as he is! Yup, time to go andwork on getting her priorities straight if you ask me.
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